Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Tips & Tricks to play Winning eleven on PlayStation 2 / PC

Play winning eleven on the PlayStation 2 / PC is very easy if we know the tricks of playing, well now I'll give some tips & tricks in playing Winning eleven in PS 2 / PC:

  • To avoid the goal of corner kick and goalkeeper sometimes do not react at all, when your opponent will kick press L1 and triangle to promote goalkeeper and react a little.
  • Try to select a defender with height above 180 cm. This is to prevent goals from corners and also anticipate the ball. To note also that the header and jumping ability of the players, as well as support the ability of players to reach the ball the ball over.
  • Place a min. A defensive midfielder with high passing accuracy, do not place any type attacking midfielder who, as it can make the midfield mastery becomes less stable and less balanced. This is caused because if all players are attacking midfield then it is very likely to occur through a malicious attack. And the midfielder also attack this type are usually very fond of all to be in the front row, so that your players will accumulate in the front row, and nothing prevents the event of losing the ball.

  • Ideally I would suggest in front there are 2 strikers, 1 which high technique and is the type of adventurer / explorer, 1 more to good accuracy.
  • because the two strikers are not rigid and does not become monotonous movements, one actively looking for the ball and open space, another is the type of real-solvers who are ready to receive the ball or ball-ball mature vomit result of the opponent goalkeeper.
  • Avoid using 4 strikers because in addition to waste and make the midfield and the back became loose, but also ineffective because it would be difficult to make a breakthrough because many target man up front.
  • To make your players to kick harder, after press box / plot of press triangle, hold.

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